How to sell your iPhone for the Most Money while Ensuring Your Security

If you want to sell your iPhone so that you can buy a new iPhone, you need tips that will enable you to get the best deal on your old device. This will enable you to purchase the latest iPhone model by simply topping up the amount that you get from the sale of your old device. Maybe you do not know where you can sell your device or what you should do before selling your iPhone. Our experts have come up with a clear guide that you should follow while selling your iPhone to ensure your safety and get the best deal possible.

When and where to sell your used iPhone

Everybody looks for a place to sell their old iPhone before the arrival of the latest model. This makes identifying the place that will enable you to get the best deal while selling an iPhone difficult. Regardless of the place where you sell your iPhone, our experts recommend that you sell your iPhone a few weeks before the launch of a new iPhone version. This is because at this time there is a strong demand for existing models of iPhones. Prices for these devices are also high. Therefore, remember the importance of timing once you make a decision to sell your old iPhone. Additionally, there are many places where you can sell your old iPhone. Choose a place that enables you to get the best value for the device depending on the current market price.

Prepare the device for sale

You do not want to pass on personal information to the new buyer of your iPhone. You also want to ensure that everything is available for the new buyers. Therefore, take time to prepare your device before you sell it. For instance, clean your device using appropriate materials. Also ensure that cables and even the packaging box that came with the device are available. This way, you will be confident while selling the device because you will have everything that prospect might ask for while buying your device.

Unlock the iPhone

If the iPhone that you are selling is locked, take time to unlock it. Most iPhones are locked by carriers. This means that the iPhones can only be used on such carriers only. As such, the number of buyers who might be interested in purchasing your iPhone becomes limited. Therefore, to expand the pool of prospects, you should ensure that your iPhone is unlocked before you offer it for sale.


Back up your data

You most probably have photos, apps and other files that you would like to have in your new iPhone once you purchase it. To ensure an easy transition, it is important that you backup your current iPhone so that you can easily restore the data that you want in your new iPhone. This is an important step especially if you intend to sell your iPhone before the arrival of the latest model. Therefore, backup your data before you pass on the device to a new owner.